365 Days

In 365 days, I completed my second last year of school.
In 365 days, I had my first boyfriend…and broke up with my first boyfriend.
In 365 days, I started a blog, harnessing my passion for photography and style.
In 365 days, I travelled to New York with my school and sang in Carnegie Hall.
In 365 days, I lived an amazing life.

And all of those 365 days are documented for me to remember forever.

This year, I chose to journal my life everyday. At the rising of the moon (or at like 1 am), i pulled out my pen and journal and I wrote out my day from start to finish. What happened, how I felt, what jokes were shared and so on. The good moments and the bad. And though some days it felt like such a chore to do when I could be sleeping, looking back I can’t be happier that I have chosen to do this. It’s allowed me to let go of stress and worry and see my life from another perspective, knowing that I’ve always made it through something tougher.

Though I know that everything comes to an end, documenting my days helps me to bask in the joyful memory of each moment, because there isn’t a single moment that I regret. Every decision I’ve made has led me to who I am, and remembering the journey is just as much fun as living it.

I definitely recommend giving this a go, even just for a week, to let yourself find the noteworthy moments of each day and remember the journey of who you are.

Yours truly, Julia.K

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January 13, 2017