Choux Choux Baby – Doux Amour Pastries

We generally try not to imagine our food with faces, but when the faces are this darn cute it’s hard not to take 1000 photos and speak in baby voices to our dessert. It’s then even harder to say goodbye to our new friends and hello to a satisfied belly (but it’s sure as hell worth it!)

After having seen gorgeous photos and glowing reviews of these little guys all over the internet, imagine my joy when a store popped up right near my work! I quickly picked up one of every flavour and head home to admire and try these little guys. Behind the cute faces, they aren’t the dessert you’d imagine; they’re better! Who has time for a heavy and rich cake when you can have choux pastry filled with delicious cream in a variety of flavours. A bear filled with nutella, a turtle full of green tea cream, pengiuns stuffed with black sesame cream or a pig bursting with rose and lychee cream. There is a flavour to suit everyone, so I suggest you head to your nearest Doux Amour and give these little guys a try! PS. there might just be some special Chinese New Year friends popping in so don’t miss out!

I love you all and I hope you have a fabulous week!

xx Julia K

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January 20, 2017
February 10, 2017