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I’m so excited that I’ve finally been able to upload my very own header! And who better to create it for me than my beautiful and talented friend with a knack for lettering? Hand drawn by Georgia Dimi and edited by yours truly, I’m so grateful for this one-of-a-kind title and I feel like it fits this blog perfectly! To celebrate, I wanted to kickstart a collection of interviews of my favourite artists with this wonderful woman. Hope you enjoy!


JK: When did you start practising calligraphy?

GD: I started practising calligraphy probably about a year ago- but just with normal pens and my sister’s textas. They’re called crayola super tips, they’re good to start with because they’re comfortable to use and really cheap.


JK: What attracted you to the art of calligraphy?

GD: On Instagram and Tumblr, especially the studying side of Tumblr, they’ve got all of these amazing people doing calligraphy and I just really loved it so I started practising for myself. On Instagram I also started following lots of accounts.


JK: How did you learn calligraphy?

GD: Just through watching all those people on Instagram especially when they do those videos, they’re really informing to watch.I just copied their style and added my own little twist on it when I got confident enough. Artists like Jeshy Park on Instagram and Leslie Writes It All are inspirations to me.


JK: What do you usually do with your work?

GD: I use it for my notes at school. I also use in it cards and when I’m writing letters to people.


JK: What is your favourite pen to use and why?

GD: My favourite pen is the Tombow duel tip pen because it has a brush tip which is good for the calligraphy side of things, but then its also got the texta side. You wouldn’t think it as being useful, but I love using it for details and faux calligraphy with it. I’ve also got the Pentel Fude Touch and that’s great as well for small calligraphy things. 


Huge thank you to Georgia for her stunning work and I look forward to interviewing some more creatives in the future.

Until next week, I love you all!
xx Julia K

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November 25, 2017
January 27, 2018


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    Thank you so much! I’m so glad you love it and it was so much fun to do X